If you are a business customer using the services of, or have been approached by, a flexibility services provider, who is a Flex Assure member, and you believe that they have failed to meet the standards set out in the Flex Assure Code of Conduct, then you can make a complaint to the scheme; (click here to download the complaint form). Please submit your complaint by email to Flex Assure (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Your complaint will be presented by the Scheme Administrator to the Scheme Committee to determine whether they consider it a valid complaint. If it is accepted by the Committee, the complaint will be passed to the Compliance Panel. The Compliance Panel will assess if the Scheme Member has infringed any requirements of the Code and make a judgement on the appropriate penalty. The Flex Assure Code of Conduct defines penalties within the Scheme for infringements, which shall be enforced by the Scheme Administrator. Energy Flexibility Customers may also wish to pursue any applicable remedies under the terms of their contractual agreements with a flexibility services provider. Violations of the Flex Assure Code of Conduct may result in a change of the Scheme Member’s status under the Scheme. Any such change will be published on the Scheme website.

Flex Assure is not able to and does not handle complaints against flexibility services providers, who are not currently signed up to the Flex Assure Code of Conduct.


Download the Flex Assure complaints form.


Dispute resolution

Flex Assure does not provide a means for dispute resolution. If you are a business customer of a non-regulated service provider, and you have an unresolved complaint with your flexibility services provider, whether or not they are signed up to Flex Assure, you may be able to take advantage of alternative dispute resolution services (ADR) through one of the schemes operated by Consumer Dispute Resolution Limited (CDRL). You may direct your complaint either to the UtilitiesADR or CommercialADR scheme.

  • UtilitiesADR is a free service for domestic and SME consumers, operating on the basis of adjudication. Utilities ADR can also handle complaints by medium, large or corporate business customers, subject to charges.
  • CommercialADR provides arbitration and mediation services to resolve business conflicts, subject to charges.

CDRL operates on the basis of voluntary engagement by businesses and cannot guarantee that they will be able to take your complaint forward.