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Code of Conduct

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If you are customer using the services of, or have been approached by. an aggregator who is a Flex Assure member and you believe that they have failed to meet the standards set out in the DSR code of Conduct then you can make a complaint to the scheme.

Your complaint will be presented by the Scheme Administrator to the Scheme Committee to confirm that they consider it a valid complaint. If it is accepted by the Committee then the Complaint will be passed to the Compliance Panel. The Compliance Panel will assess if the Scheme Member has infringed any requirements of the Code and make a judgement on the correct penalty. The DSR Code of Conduct defines the penalties for infringements, which shall be enforced by the Scheme Administrator. If a sanction is to be placed on the member then the status will be posted on the Scheme website.

Flex Assure does not provide a means for dispute resolution to business DSR customers so it is important that DSR customers ensure contracts include requirements for aggregators to adhere to the code and suitable commercial penalties for infringement. Guidance on how to best achieve this will be developed during the coming months.

Download the complaints form.