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We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the first Scheme Member audit. This is a key milestone for the Scheme, fullfilling our role of monitoring compliance with the standards defined in the Code of Conduct, and furthering industry best practice.

30th November 2021

The audit process is a key feature of the Flex Assure Scheme, ensuring that business energy users receive a strong standard of service from companies signed up to the Scheme. All Flex Assure members are audited periodically by an independent auditor.

Periodic audits of Scheme Members ensure that members of Flex Assure are fully compliant with all aspects of the Code, and offer an opportunity for Members to demonstrate their role as industry leaders. The audits are also an opportunity for Scheme Members to receive feedback and recommendations for continuous improvement, to remain at the forefront of the flexibility sector as pioneers of best practice.

Tony Whittle, Head of Enel X UK & Ireland, commented:

“We applaud Flex Assure for commencing its first round of audits in pursuit of its mission to build the confidence of business energy users who can provide demand flexibility to the grid. The common standards set by Flex Assure for flexible services providers like Enel X is a no-brainer scheme of best practices in customer engagement. We are proud to maintain our operations within those standards and lead by example. We look forward to working with Flex Assure on our upcoming audit.”

The first Flex Assure Scheme Member to complete all stages of the first periodic audit is Flexitricity, with Centrica Business Solutions and Enel X scheduled to undergo similar, detailed audits in the near future. All members have gone through an assessment at the application stage, confirming compliance with the Code in order to become members of the scheme. Members then undergo periodic audits every two years to monitor ongoing compliance and implement best practice recommendations.

Having completed the audit process, Andy Lowe, Chief Commercial Officer Flexitricity, said:

“Flexitricity is delighted to become the first of several members to undergo and pass a Flex Assure audit. The audit was a very positive exercise for Flexitricity. Maintaining high standards for our energy partners and ensuring a transparent and honest process is of the utmost importance, and we are proud to lead by example.”

Consumer experts in low carbon and decentralised energy, rb&m, conducted the first Flex Assure audit – Partner Colin Meek said:

“rb&m was delighted to work with the Flex Assure team on the first full audit of a Flex Assure member. Energy flexibility is a new market that can only grow if business customers trust the services delivered. Codes of Practice such as Flex Assure build trust through member compliance and audits are not only critical to delivering compliance, they also promote best practice. It is our aim to ensure the audit is a positive experience for member companies, giving them a chance to measure their own practice against industry-established benchmarks.”

Emphasing the important role of Flex Assure for the advancement of energy flexibility, Dan Connor, Head of Optimisation at Centrica Business Solutions, said:

“Demand Side Response programmes are new for many, and we’ll only get one chance to gain the confidence of our potential customers. Having an industry gold standard should give customers the assurance and certainty they need to participate alongside a partner they can trust.”

The scheme is open to all flexibility services providers – to become members, businesses must demonstrate that they comply with the Code. The Flex Assure Mark, provided to Members, is a mark of trust and integrity which indicates to the wider market a company’s commitment to best practice.    

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